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This s really good. Looking forward to see what you'll do with the story in the future :)

Thank you! It's my first attempt at an AU, and I've had to get one of my American friends to help me out with the details of US high schools. I'm just about to post C2 :)

Nice start to the story poor Casteil new guy with a weird name I feel a little bullying coming his way. Lets hope Dean will be there to help.

Thank you :) Cas is definitely awkward, but he's got some tricks up his sleeve! I'm just about to post C2.

I feel so bad for Dean here. His self esteem level sucks!

I know :(
I found it interesting to think about whether he would really be that different if he'd had a 'normal' life. Obviously a lot of things would be better, but I don't know if he'd like himself any more.

ooh i am intrigued! so happy there are more chapters for me to read. =)

Thank you! I'm glad you like it :)

I've never tried reading AU before because it never caught my interest, but I can say that I might have to read others because this is really really good! I love it!

Thank you so much!

I was the same - I never used to read AUs, but then I read a really good one and now I can't stop! I think it's because canon is so depressing lately. Anyway, I'm so glad you're enjoying this :D

Hey :O) This is a really interesting story :)

I must admit that I don't like to read story with rape themes, but yours is being very interesting.

When you made Cas talk about Henry James, you made me remember that specific scene (With Dean and Alastair). It was very smart of you too. :D

Well... It is 4am ........ :| I should go sleep and come back tomorrow to read more :)

Thank you!

I'm actually the same about rape themes, and I really didn't want this story to go down that route. But then I wanted to give Dean a normal, happy life, but still have him be damaged and need Cas to heal him, and the whole Alastair thing just kind of... happened. But yeah, there was no way I could have gone into detail about it, I found it upsetting enough as it was. I cannot read fics that have graphic descriptions of rape.

I'm glad you liked the Henry James bit :)

OMG, I am loving the everything out of this story. You're capturing exactly what I love in a HS!AU. Can't wait to go on and read the rest. Your Dean!Voice makes me sympathize with him and shake my head in frustration, all at once.

I, um, hate to do this, but: Could we get a non-con or dub-con (or 'references to non-explict dub-con', whatever) warning on this chapter? Thanks, and sorry to be a nuisance.

Thank you so much! It's my first ever AU, so I'm glad you like it.

And no problem :)

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This is really interesting. Usually when I read AUs and there's a new student, they always mention how the main character can't stop thinking about the new student every five seconds, but this is totally different.

And Dean's inner monologue and self-esteem problem: perfection.


Thank you so much! Yeah, I always thought it was a bit unrealistic when they immediately become obsessed with each other in AUs. It just doesn't happen like that normally!

I wasn't quite sure which chapter to comment this on, so I just went for the first one ^^
So, today I was randomly thinking of this story and it occured to me just how brilliant it is.
While I was reading, the whole Cas' family are religious and kind of freaky seemed a bit random(I'm not the brightest crayon in the box xD), but when I thought about it it all made sense.
It's actually a really clever way to keep something of the original, but to make it completely your own.
And the way Cas saved Dean from drowning.
So yeah, this probably occured to everybody else while they were reading, but it took me a little longer to appreciate the sheer brilliance of this <3

Thank you so much! I did try to include as many parallels to canon as I could, and put the characters in similar situations, albeit in a 'normal' environment. I'm really glad you liked it :)

(Deleted comment)
Yay, thank you so much! Haha, Dean is so chivalrous!

Can I get a pdf of this please?

Of course! I made one but it's disappeared for some reason, so I'm going to put another one up asap :)

Wonderful! Very easy-going and seems like such a great read! I really really want to read it through. You've done amazing :)

Okay, I don't know, how long this comment will be, because I'm still fighting my feelings, but to be fair, I have to tell you how much I love your story. I mean, it's the second time I'm reading it, because I had the luck to read it in the beginning of the year, and I'm so sorry for my rudeness and the fact I haven't written a comment to you earlier. You know, I didn't know how I should start it. Or how I should express my overwhelming feelings. Plus english is not my native language, so I was in a bigger trouble than I thought. I'm sorry, really. But I'll comment every chapter this time.

So yes, I think, I already told you everything. For me, this is the most perfect SPN college AU I've ever read.
The first chapter is interesting, I love how you formed Dean's character, this broken and hurt little boy, who can't even trust in himself, he thinks he's worth nothing and nobody loves him. All the time I wanted to hug you, when he was thinking of these stupid things.

And, it's possible I'm the first person who says this, but I like Mr Henrikson a lot XD He's awesome. I loved how he was talking with Dean. It's really sad there are not too many teachers like him.

Oh, and Dean's dark secret... You know, you are really awesome, because it was obvious for me what happened with him and I've already known it here, but it didn't make the story worse, moreover it made it more interesting, those moments, when Dean'd suffered because of it.

I'd like to ask you something. I really, really love this story, and I'd like to translate it into my native language, if you don't mind. With proper credit, of course, I just have a lot of friends, who don't read in english, and I want them to know your amazing fic. If you give me your permission, I'd make the translation chapter to chapter, so I'd comment every chapter, when I reach it during translating it.

Thank you so much for writing this and giving me my most loved destiel AU fic ♥

Thank you so much! I'm so happy you like it <3

Also, your English is very good :)

I'm really happy you liked Henriksen! I love him! He was one of my favourite characters on the show, and he was lots of fun to write. I'm really glad you liked how I developed Dean's character as well. I wanted to have him in a similar state of mind to how he is on the show, but with a regular life. And I'm glad you thought I handled his back-story well. I was nervous about it!

Of course you can translate it, that would be awesome! Thank you so much!

Good afternoon.
I liked your fic very much.
You know, there is a site called ficbook, and I have a suggestion for you.
May I translate your fic into russian, please?

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